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Catalonia like you never imagined it before

Address: Camí de Sant Benet s/n, 08272, Sant Fruitós de Bages, Spain

  • 41.744542º41º 44' 40.3512" N
  • 1.900288º1º 54' 1.0367999999999" E

Close to everywhere

Món Sant Benet’s location, in a central region of Catalonia, makes it a perfect strategic point to access the main Catalan tourist areas:

  • Barcelona

    The capital of Catalonia is located just 50 minutes away from Món Sant Benet, making it easy to access the city’s cultural offer, beaches and shopping areas.

  • Costa Brava

    We are just one hour and a half away from the idyllic beaches and cliffs of the Costa Brava.

  • Pyrenees

    The Pyrenees and the slopes of La Molina, La Masella and Guils-Fontanera are just one hour and 20 minutes away from us, whereas the Aransa and Lles ski resorts are one hour and 35 minutes away.

  • Montserrat

    Just 20 minutes away from our hotel is the Sanctuary of Montserrat, where you can discover its monastic life and listen to the monastery’s choir, visit the museum or admire the stunning natural landscape that surrounds it.